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Basics | May 7, 2021

Features for Image Designs

Polygonia now has a full range of features for creating Image designs. This gives you more creative control in how Polygonia converts your image into polygons. Here are two designs […]

Basics | April 15, 2021

Polygon Export

The short version of this is that you can now export the polygon information of your designs as data. You can then import that data into other apps to do […]

Basics | March 20, 2021


So the other day I was thinking about how to make Polygonia more interesting. (And by ‘the other day’, I mean sometime in December last year.) I was wondering if […]

Basics | November 9, 2020

Color 1.0!

Well, this took longer than I expected! You can now set the colors of individual lines in your Polygonia design. I am calling it “Color 1.0” First, you create a color […]

Basics | September 4, 2020


A few months ago I was shopping in Target and saw a framed print of a mandala. I remember being taken by the symmetry. Generally speaking, a mandala is a design […]

Basics | August 8, 2020

Resizable Editor feature

The fun thing about Polygonia is that you can create very nice designs with just one or two lines. There are also plenty of times when your design starts out […]

Basics | October 31, 2019

Why is everything in “mm”?

You might notice that the default units are millimeters (“mm”). If you look at the “Units” tab, you will see an option to pick “pixels”. But you won’t find an […]

Basics | October 25, 2019

Is it free or not?

All accounts on Polygonia are free. You can sign up and create as many designs as you like. Your designs are stored in the cloud. No credit card is required. […]

Basics | October 22, 2019

What is is a free site that lets you create symmetrical patterns and designs. Imagine drawing while looking into a kaleidoscope. That is what you can do with Polygonia. You can […]

Basics | October 21, 2019

Welcome to the Blog!

Learn about new features, get tips on how to use, and find out how to get the most out of Polygonia. You can leave comments, ask questions, tell me […]